09/25/15 – A New Look at the World Ahead

11949449_890950117649613_6278425683884630843_nGood day, everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed that things are a little nicer around here. I upgraded the servers, moved to a WordPress layout and tried to get everything looking all pretty for you. I will be updating each section over the weekend, as well…at least when I’m not playing shows.

Things on this end are moving along nicely. I’m currently doing some pre-production work for Ben Hall’s new album, which I will be recording, as well as doing instrumental work on Huke Green’s upcoming album, Gravelhorse. So, despite things on the show front slowing down, I’m still steadily toiling away.

Speaking of shows, Huke and I are doing a few more duo gigs before I get a few solo runs in the books. I’ll be heading to Leander next weekend, Friendswood after that and eventually hitting up Dallas in November. I might be adding a few more stops along the way.

To close out the year, I have set the date of the annual Holiday Show as December 18th at Bohemeo’s. Right now, Kim and I are the only people performing, but that WILL change as we get closer to the date. I’m waiting for word from an out-of-state friend before we finalize it.

That’s all I have for now. If you haven’t picked up the new album, it is still on sale over at the Bandcamp site. Head over, give it a listen and if you dig it, order one. It comes straight from my hands to yours.

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