10/28/15 – Rolling Down the Hill

12047125_423813877827824_6944200635413099078_nHello everyone. I hope all is well with you and as we approach these final two months of the year, all is set for final push.

I have been rather quiet the past month, I definitely apologize for that. I’ve done a few shows and kept the list updated, but exactly 1 month and 2 days ago, my mother died. It has been a pretty surreal experience to have the person you depended on for support your whole life suddenly out of the picture. Due to that, I have been largely silent, but have been fulfilling my obligations when it comes to playing shows, which has helped give a buffer from dealing with the grief.

So what is ahead? Well, I’ve also been spending time working on Ben Hall’s new album. I’m recording it, playing some backup instrumentation on it and even have a few songs we co-wrote on it. Pretty sweet stuff. We should have it in the can by the end of the year with a release date by late-winter, early-spring, I’d presume. That’s really up to Ben, though.

As for me, I’m working on new songs, playing a few shows and then enjoying some downtime as the year comes to a close. You’ll see some shows around Texas in January and February, then in March, we’ll be heading out on the road for a week to bring the tunes to the southeast again. I cannot wait to get some miles in.

Thanks for stopping by. See you all down the road real soon.

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