12/14/15 – The Holidays are Here!

11141137_441248549417690_7007677986533599594_nHello, friends! Hope all is well out there for you. Things on this end have been filled with joy and a much-needed recharge to the positivity battery.

To start December off, Kim and I headed to Holiday Hangout at the White Water Tavern in Little Rock, AR. We weren’t playing or anything, but a lot of friends were and a lot of friends were in the audience. It was an absolutely magical weekend spent seeing the art we love so much created and sharing the experience with people just as enamored with is as we are.

This past weekend, we played a benefit for our buddy, Matt “Scootch” Appleby, over at Ronnie’s Ice House. The benefit raised over $16,000 to help with medical bills and Scootch blew everyone away when he played sets with 2 of his bands less than 2 months after losing his left leg. It was inspirational, to say the least.

This coming weekend is the last show of the year as Kim and I do a show at Bohemeo’s for the holiday with our friends in Little Outfit and Matt Wiegand. It’s going to be a fun show and the first 25 people get free t-shirts! You don’t want to miss that. It kicks off at 8pm on Saturday (12/19).

That’s it for now. After the show on Saturday, we’re going to take some time to relax, finish writing the next album, possibly start some recording and just not play shows for a bit. Barring something amazing coming along, we will taking a couple of months off outside of a makeup date in Galveston. So, hang tight and keep checking back for updates!

Be safe out there and Happy Holidays, everyone!

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