02/10/16 – The Road Ahead…

Hello everyone! Hope all is going well as we approach the oncoming spring. Things on this end have been going well with some much needed rest, some new songs, recordings and some tours being booked. Let me break it all down…

First up, there has been a lot of downtime, which was much needed after the busy year I had in 2015. I have actually slept for more than 5 hours most nights, I have been eating better and working on being more healthy, which has led to me spending more time creating songs instead of playing them. You’ll be hearing some of them soon, I’m sure.

As for the recordings, I have done some demo takes of songs for an upcoming album, which may end up getting pushed off to 2017, but who really knows. Most of my time at the console has been used to finish up Ben Hall’s new album. It is ridiculously close to being done. Just a single 20 second lead is all that remains to be done. It is going to be so good. You will definitely want to check it out.

Finally, we get to touring! I have two tours booked for the first half of 2016 and they will be a blast.

First up is the Sam & Kim Tour. Kim and I will be heading across the southeast to do play some shows and to spend a couple of days with the kids in the mountains of North Carolina.

The dates are:

3/11 – The Neutral Ground – New Orleans, LA – 7pm
3/12 – Humphrey’s Bar & Grill – Huntsville, AL – 3-6pm
3/13 – Appalachian Brewing Company – Boone, NC (Open Jam Sunday)
3/16 – The Acoustic Coffeehouse – Johnson City, TN – 10pm
3/17 – Java Monkey – Decatur, AL – 8pm
3/18 – Cups (Fondren) – Jackson, MS – 7pm
3/19 – Bohemeo’s – Houston, TX – 8pm

We might hit an open mic on one of the off days, we are not sure yet.

Then, when the summer comes, I will be taking my son, Ian Barker, out on a duo tour to the northeast. He is joining the Baytown Symphony Orchestra in the fall, so he has earned the right to have a summer tour as a bass player with a folk singer. Come out and visit him on the road. We are playing almost completely all ages venues since he is still in high school.

That is it for now. Be well out there and expect more updates soon!

– Samuel


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