11/02/16 – Heading to the Holidays

14650759_563079417234602_3811616049953653569_nWe survived the majority of the year and the mess that the end of the summer brought. We’ve had one minor cold front blow through the region, the sun is dropping a bit quicker than before and things feel like they’re opening up for a mellow holiday season. That is VERY welcomed in my life right now.

What’s new? Well, I’m currently working on the final tracking for Nathan Taylor’s new album, I’m recording some demos for the Brightwire album we’re working on and gearing up for the Holiday show at Bohemeo’s. We have stops in Galveston, Dickinson and Seabrook to close out the year, as well. We might even be heading to Dallas, but that’s not yet finalized.

Hope you’re all doing well out there. I wish I had more to share, but we’re just hanging around and trying to create some new material for you all to enjoy. Be safe out there, friends.

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