04/13/2018 – Spring Time!

As you can all see, now that Brightwire is going, I’m terrible at updating here on my personal site. I apologize for that and will do my best to keep this site up to date, as well as the Brightwire one.

Speaking of Brightwire, we’re currently working on recording an LP for the band. We’re also thinking about doing an EP of a few songs recorded with a full band setup. The LP will be more what we do live. We’re going to have some friends from the Houston scene help us out, as well. It should be a fun endeavor once we get the ball rolling at full speed. It has been pretty piecemeal so far.

Lots of new shows throughout 2018 have been added. We’ll be heading to Oklahoma and Arkansas in less than a month. Also, there will be a return trip to the Pacific Northwest in September. Check out the dates to see what is ahead.

That’s all I have for now. Hope you are all doing well and that I get to see you soon.

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