Acoustic Guitars:

Guild GAD G-212

The idea of a 12-string was always something I liked. I had heard from a lot of folks that the sound gets old quickly, but Tom Petty has been rocking his Guild 12-string forever, so I took the plunge. This thing was a great find. Picked it up used on the cheap and have been using it as a main guitar since. Dropped in a Fishman Rare Earth and haven’t looked back. Great sound, feel and keeps tuned well.

Electric Guitars:

Creston “Old Pine” Custom

From the Creston Guitars site:

A white pine guitar for Samuel Barker, good fellow from Texas. 1850’s barn beam milled into a solid slab, loaded up with Lollar pickups (LEA-90 II bridge, 1950’s-wind neck), trusty rusty knobs, a toploader bridge, and staggered tuners. 1-pc maple neck.

1979 Peavey T-60

I found this old thing in a pawn shop over in Dayton. I was driving to a cousin’s wedding and decided to hit the backroad pawn shops on the way from Houston to Beaumont off of highway 90. I found this guitar, beat to hell and covered in grime, but at a good price. The wife was kind enough to pick it up for me as a birthday present. I’ll always have a soft spot for T-60s.

Bass Guitars:

Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet Bass

I had just been through a house fire and only had my wife’s J-bass that had a smoked headstock and some sprouted frets, so I took $250 and headed down to Guitar Center. For the money (and probably a few bucks more), this thing brought it. If you want the low-end thump, this SHORT-SCALE bass has it. I wasn’t expecting it to be so smooth, but the TV Jones pickup does the job nicely. The action is high on it to keep from getting fret-taps when playing with my fingers.

Amplifiers and more:

Coming Soon…